Features and Benefits

  • ADSP-BF707 Blackfin processor
  • ADM6315 Reset supervisor
  • ADP5024 Dual buck, plus LDO regulator
  • Micron MT47H128M16 2G bit DDR2 memory
  • 32M bit Quad SPI Flash memory
  • RF Wireless connector
  • FTDI FT232RQ USB to UART converter
  • High speed USB
  • Debug interface (JTAG/SWD/TRACE)
  • HADC inputs
  • Interfaces: CAN, Expansion Interface III.
  • Accessories: 2GB SD CARD, Power Supply

Product Details

The ADSP-BF707 evaluation hardware provides a low cost hardware solution for users to evaluate the Analog Devices ADSP-BF70x Blackfin processor family. Blackfin processors combine a dual-MAC state-of-the-art signal processing engine, the advantages of a clean, orthogonal RISC-like microprocessor instruction set, and single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) multimedia capabilities into a single instruction-set architecture. New enhancements to the Blackfin+ core add 32-bit MAC and 16-bit complex MAC support, cache enhancements, branch prediction and other instruction set improvements—all while maintaining instruction set compatibility to previous Blackfin products.

The ADSP-BF707 EZ-KIT Lite includes all hardware necessary to immediately being evaluation:


  • The ADS P- BF707 EZ-Board ™
  • CE-approved power supply
  • The ADZS-ICE-1000 emulator
  • USB cable

The ADSP-BF707 EZ-Board can also be purchased separately, if an ICE-1000 or ICE-2000 emulator is already available to the customer.

The ADSP-BF707 Board Design Database contains all of the electronic information required for the design, layout, fabrication and assembly of the ADSP-BF707 EZ-Board, and is available to download from the Products Download area on this page.

The evaluation hardware is designed to be used in conjunction with the CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES) software development tools to test capabilities of the ADSP-BF70x Blackfin processors. The CCES development environment aids advanced application code development and debug, such as:

Create, compile, assemble, and link application programs written in C++, C, and assembly


  • Load, run, step, halt, and set breakpoints in application programs
  • Read and write data and program memory
  • Read and write core and peripheral registers

The ADSP-BF707 Board Support Package, available to download from this page, provides comprehensive software support for the ADSP-BF707 EZ-Board. Specifically, drivers, examples and code sketches are included for the following components:


  • INA230 current-shunt and power monitor ADC driver
  • INA3221 shunt and bus voltage monitor ADC driver

It also provides comprehensive examples which demonstrate the on-chip drivers and services.

Markets and Technologies

Applicable Parts

Package Contents

EZ-Board Package Contents
  • ADSP-BF707 EZ-Board
  • Universal 5V DC power
  • USB A to micro B cable
  • USB micro A to A receptacle cable
  • Standoffs and screws in a bag
  • 2GB SD card

EZ-KIT Lite Package Contents
  • ADSP-BF707 EZ-Board
  • ICE-1000
  • Universal 5V DC power
  • USB A to micro B cable
  • USB micro A to A receptacle cable
  • Standoffs and screws in a bag
  • 2GB SD card


Software Modules

The 2D Graphics Primitives (BF2DGL) library for the Blackfin processor implements primitives, which are based on the Open GL-ES/OpenCV APIs and are supported with wrapper example code for the OpenGL-ES/OpenCV, GLUT, and extended APIs.
The JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Encoder library for the Blackfin processor is fully compliant with ISO/IEC 10918-1:1993 (ITU-T T.81) and can be used to build a Motion-JPEG video system, for example using the AVI file format.
The Image Processing Toolbox library for the Blackfin processor implements a set of image processing primitives designed to enable faster development of complex image or video processing solutions.

DSP Software

ADSP-BF707 Board Support Package - Previous Release (Rev. 1.0.0)

Product Downloads


FreeRTOS for Analog Devices Processors is a Real Time Operating System for Analog Devices Processors.

Software Development Tools

CCES is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the ADI Blackfin®, SHARC® and Arm® processor families.

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