Features and Benefits

  • ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini features:
    • ADSP-BF706 Blackfin Processor
      • 400 MHz/800 MMACs performance at <100 mW
      • 1160 kB on-chip SRAM (136 kB L1, 1 MB L2)
      • 88-lead LFCSP (QFN) package
    • Small form factor: 4 in × 2 in (10 cm × 5 cm)
    • 4 MB quad SPI flash
    • ADAU1761 SigmaDSP® low power stereo audio codec
      • Line-in and headphone jacks
    • Direct USB 2.0 HS PHY interface to ADSP-BF706
    • External connections for EPPI0, SPORT, SPI, I2C, timer, and GPIOs
    • On-board debug agent (JTAG/SWD) via separate USB interface
    • Other features
      • USB bus powered
      • Push buttons and LEDs
      • Boot mode strapped to SPI master
      • Resistors for processor current measurement
      • Arduino Uno R3 connection compatibility
  • CrossCore® embedded studio software tools
    • Full featured development suite and board support package
    • Complete real-time debug capability included
    • Full featured one year evaluation license

Product Details

Analog Devices has developed a low cost, low power DSP evaluation platform targeting an array of real-time applications. The ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini® leverages the latest entry within the industry-leading, low power Blackfin® processor family as well as ADI’s optimized development tools and third party software deliverables. With on-board, high quality audio connectivity, multiple expansion options, and an integrated debug agent, the EZ-KIT Mini offers designers a complete small form factor, low cost starter platform for multiple applications.

The ADSP-BF706 Blackfin processor is a high performance DSP that delivers a class-leading 800 MMACS of processing power at less than 100 mW. With glueless connectivity options including USB and over 1 MB of internal SRAM, this reduces BOM cost and eliminates the need for external memory in many applications. Using the enhanced Blackfin+ core, the combination of performance, power efficiency, memory integration, sophisticated security, and great value, allows designers to incorporate advanced 16- and 32-bit processing into a wide range of new power sensitive use cases.

Target ADSP-BF70x applications include:

  • Portable audio, DJ equipment, and effects
  • Automotive audio and sensors
  • Portable communications
  • Military and aerospace
  • Portable healthcare
  • Intelligent lighting and occupancy detection*
  • Industrial imaging and biometrics*
* For an advanced imaging-based starter system, please refer to ADI’s ADSP-BF707 BLIP


Product Downloads

ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini™ Board Support Package (Rev. 1.1.0)

Software Development Tools

CCES is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the ADI Blackfin®, SHARC® and Arm® processor families.


FreeRTOS for Analog Devices Processors is a Real Time Operating System for Analog Devices Processors.


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