Features and Benefits

  • User friendly access to all ADIN2111 features
  • Stand-alone hardware configured operation
  • On-board ARM Cortex-M4 STM32L4S5QII3P ultra-low-power Microcontroller

Product Details

The EVAL-ADIN2111EBZ is a flexible platform enabling quick evaluation of the ADIN2111, robust, low power 10BASE-T1L 2-Port Ethernet switch. The evaluation board provides 2 10BASE-T1L channels with 10Mbit per second Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connections reaching up to 1.7km of link distance. The ADIN2111 internal switch can be configured in store and forward mode between the two 10BASE-T1L channels and the SPI host. Cut through mode is also available between Port 1 and Port 2 and can be used without the need of the SPI host (unmanaged configuration).

The evaluation board offers two modes of operation for maximum flexibility: Connected to a PC via USB port, the full set of ADIN2111 register settings and features such as link quality monitoring and diagnostics can be accessed over the USB using the serial command interface implemented in the evaluation firmware.

Alternatively, the board can operate in cut-through mode between Port 1 and Port 2 (unmanaged configuration without firmware) where the EVAL-ADIN2111EBZ acts as a network switch forwarding packets between the 2x 10BASE-T1L ports. The 2x links are configured by setting the ADIN2111 hardware configuration pins jumper and switches. The 2x On-board Activity LEDs provide Link activity status indication for each port.

Custom firmware can also be developed and the ADIN2111 driver support package includes simple project examples to start a custom implementation.

The SPI interface provides access to the management registers required for the switch configuration, the 2 PHYs configuration and data exchange between SPI host and ports.

Getting Started


  • Link partner with 10BASE-T1L interface
  • Recommended to use the EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ Evaluation Board (RJ45 Ethernet interface to use as media converter between 10BASE-T1L and 10BASE-T)
  • 2x 10BASE-T1L compatible Single Pair cable: max. 1.5 mm2 / AWG 16 to fit screw terminal connector
  • Power supply source: 5 to 32 Vdc, 0.6W, or USB as power for the board
  • Optional: PC running Windows 7 and upwards with USB interface
  • Optional: ST-LINK programmer


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