Product Details

The DC2080 is a versatile energy harvesting demo board that is capable of accepting piezoelectric, solar, 4mA to 20mA loops, thermal powered energy sources or any high impedance AC or DC source. The board contains four independent circuits consisting of the following EH ICs:

  • LTC3588-1: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Power Supply
  • LTC3108: Ultralow Voltage Step-Up Converter and Power Manager
  • LTC3105: Step-Up DC/DC Converter with Power Point Control and LDO Regulator
  • LTC3459: 10V Micropower Synchronous Boost Converter
  • LTC2935-2 and LTC2935-4: Ultralow Power Supervisor with Power-Fail Output Selectable Thresholds

The board is designed to connect to the Silicon Labs EFM32 Wonder Gecko Starter Kit (Part No:EFM32WG-STK3800). It also includes two energy harvester transducers (TEG and Solar) and a terminal block for connecting a high impedance AC source. In addition, many turrets are provided, making it easy to connect additional transducers to the board. The board contains multiple jumpers that allow the board to be configured in various ways. The standard build for the board has 4 jumpers installed out of the possible 12 jumpers. The board is very customizable to the end users’ needs. This compatibility makes it a perfect evaluation tool for any low power energy harvesting system. Please refer to the individual data sheets for the operation of each power management circuit. The application section of the demo manual describes the system level functionality of this board and the various ways it can be used in early design prototyping.

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