Analog Devices’ precision high voltage signal chains combine precision high voltage amplifiers, high voltage digital-to-analog converters (DACs), difference amplifiers, and matched resistor networks. Drive signal chains are offered at several voltage, current drive, density, and slew rates, allowing system designers to find a solution optimized for their needs. Each signal chain provides example solutions to drive high voltage signals up to 216 V or drive currents up to 2 A.

Precision high voltage measurement signal chains support a range of common-mode voltages, allowing users to interchange density, dynamic range, and accuracy depending on their application needs. These signal chains provide examples to measure large differential signals up to 220 V or small differential signals with a large common-mode voltage.

Find tailored drive and measure solutions suitable for high voltage ATE, automotive test, and source measurement units (SMUs). Drive solutions are tailored for piezoelectric positioning and actuation, and MEMS mirror control applications by varying density, drive voltage, drive current, and protection features.

High Voltage/High Current Drive

Signal chain options for high voltage drive or high current drive.

High voltage/high current drive circuit
Density optimized voltage drive circuit

High Differential Voltage Measurement

Buffered and non-buffered signal chain options for measuring differential voltages up to ±110 V are shown below.

High differential voltage measurement circuit

High Common-Mode Current Measurement

When measuring nA load currents, a high input impedance is required. Two high accuracy buffered options are provided with ADHV4702-1 as the input stage. One uses a difference amplifier while the other creates a difference amplifier using the LT5400 matched resistor network.

High common mode current measurement circuit
High common mode current measurement circuit with highest accuracy

Application Areas

Spectrum analyzer with waveforms on screen

Electronic Test and Measurement

See ADI’s solutions and resources for precision high voltage signal chains for electronic test and measurement, from complete reference designs, application notes, and technical articles to the latest, cutting-edge products. Our devices cover:

  • Data Acquisition Modules
  • Source Measurement Unit (SMU)
Electronic digital pressure gauge

Instrumentation and Measurement

ADI partners with customers to instrument the future. Leveraging industry-leading capabilities, we enable technological advances, further scientific discovery, and improve quality of life. ADI delivers complete solutions from antenna-to-bits and measurement-to-information. Featured applications:

  • Automated Test Equipment
Technician uses a machine to conduct a medical test.

Chemical Analysis and Analytical Instruments

Scientific instrumentation demands the highest accuracy and stability. ADI offers leading-edge precision amplifiers, data converters, voltage references, and isolation solutions that meet the challenge. Featured applications:

  • Mass Spectroscopy

Design Tools

ADI offers a full portfolio of precision design and analysis tools that help you select the right products to help optimize and simulate your designs.

Filter Wizard user interface

Filter Wizard

Select topology, enter specifications, select components, and simulate your active filter design using the Filter Wizard. Generate and save an LTspice® schematic that can be integrated with a full LTspice signal chain schematic for an end-to-end simulation.

DiffAmpCalc user interface

DiffAmpCalc Tool

Download the free ADI DiffAmpCalc tool for designing differential amplifier circuits and reduce design time from hours to minutes. The tool features an interactive user interface that automates calculations for gain, termination resistors, power dissipation, noise, and input common-mode voltage range. It enables flexible selection of ADI differential amplifiers, various output load configurations, and resistor tolerances.

Precision DAC Error Budget Calculator user interface

Precision DAC Error Budget Calculator

Use the Precision DAC Error Budget Calculator to optimize your signal drive system design. Select components, see example circuits, and find the major sources of error to lower risk in your signal chain design.

Precision High Voltage Signal Chain Support

Use ADI’s engineering community forum to find answers to common questions, access blogs, and submit your own unique questions about circuits and products to an ADI engineer. The precision medium bandwidth forum content is tailored to the unique challenges of designing measurement and drive signal chains that require precision at DC and medium bandwidth, for single and multichannel systems.

High Voltage Support on EngineerZone

Engineer uses a microscope to examine a silicon chip