Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Solutions

Individuals with diabetes must continuously monitor their blood glucose levels to help them decide when to take the medication that they need to manage their condition. Until recently, this was commonly done using handheld blood glucose monitors (BGM) in a process that was both disruptive and invasive. A new type of continuous glucose monitor (CGM), located in a disposable wearable patch, monitors glucose level beneath the skin. This technique is less invasive and can instantly send an alert to the wearer whenever medication is required. In some cases, CGM solutions can replace manual BGMs entirely.

To ensure long battery life on this lifesaving wearable, ADI’s CGM solutions leverage low power electronics and versatile PMICs. Our electrochemical sensor AFE meets not only the criteria required for use in this burgeoning medical technology but has several additional safety and other beneficial features that further enhance its application.

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