BGM (Blood Glucose Meter) Solutions

A blood glucose meter (BGM) is a handheld device used by individuals with diabetes to measure the level of glucose in their blood and determine whether they need to administer insulin to help balance those levels. BGM solutions can be used alone or in conjunction with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

To use the BGM, patients collect a small blood sample (usually by pin-pricking a fingertip), place it on an electrochemical test strip, and insert the strip into the reader, which displays the result on a small screen. Test strips contain electrodes, and the BGM applies a precise bias voltage to analyze glucose levels in the sample. ADI’s BGM solutions facilitate this process with measurement application products such as DACs, ADCs, transimpedance amplifiers, and PMICs for these battery-powered devices. Our BGM solutions are optimized for low power, low noise, and multichannel capability.

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