Designing a Power Supply in Five Simple Steps with LTpowerCAD

Designing and optimizing switching mode power supplies is becoming a more frequent and challenging task, especially for in-experienced supply designers. The conventional “paper-design” method is not only time consuming, but also difficult without optimum results. LTpowerCAD design tool provides an easy and simple way to allow people designing a power supply in five simple steps:

Figure 1. LTpowerCAD Design a Supply in 5 Simple Steps.

In addition, there are many existing design examples, such as LTC demo boards and datasheet circuits, in LTpowerCAD solution library. The users can also save their designs and build up their own solution library. So people can leverage these solutions and use it as a quick start point. Furthermore, the LTpowerCAD design can be exported to a LTspice simulation circuit to check supply waveforms and transient performances.

With LTpowerCAD design tool, a supply schematic can be easily designed in as short as a few minutes.

For more informaton please download Designing a Supply in a Five Simple Steps with LTpowerCAD presentation.


Henry Zhang

Henry Zhang

Henry Zhang是ADI的Power by Linear™应用经理。他于1994年获得中国浙江大学颁发的电子工程学士学位,分别于1998年和2001年获得弗吉尼亚理工学院暨州立大学(黑堡)颁发的电子工程硕士学位和博士学位。


Gabino Alonso

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