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Remote Input/Output Module Solutions

Digitization and agile automation trends require more data and insights delivered through greater instrumentation of equipment that can be connected more easily by remote I/O modules. Analog Devices provides connectivity solutions and analog and digital front ends to connect these more distributed nodes from robust IP67 form factor to separate cabinets away from the main PLC control cabinet.

Optimization of factory floors in Industry 4.0 means more compact form factors like those enabled by our analog and digital products with integrated power. Our newer Ethernet-based networks allow easier deployment of remote I/O modules to reduce cable runs.


Value and Benefits

Integrated Ethernet switch and PHY solutions with time synchronization support adds robust multi-protocol industrial Ethernet connectivity for the highest flexibility in deployment of remote I/O modules in existing automation systems. Software-configurable I/O solutions offer more flexibility compared to fixed analog or digital inputs or outputs, especially for space-constrained locations next to equipment where remote I/O may be deployed.

Combined power management and SPI isolation provide channel-to-channel isolation in a compact board area for robust I/O ports in field installed modules, such as IP67 form factor, while authentication and secure boot options can be used to fulfill regulatory requirements and end-customer needs for protecting automation systems from cyberattack.

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Offers the highest flexibility in deployment and configurability

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Integrates within a compact board area

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Fulfills regulatory requirements for safety and security

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