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Low Cost, Precision 2.5V IC References

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  • Improved, Lower Cost, Replacements for Standard 1403, 1403A
  • 3-Terminal Device: Voltage In/Voltage Out
  • Laser Trimmed to High Accuracy:
    2.500 V ± 10 mV (AD1403A)
  • Excellent Temperature Stability: 25 ppm/°C (AD1403A)
  • Low Quiescent Current: 1.5 mA max
  • 10 mA Current Output Capability
  • Low Cost
  • Convenient Mini-DIP Package
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The AD1403 and AD1403A are improved three-terminal, low cost, temperature compensated, bandgap voltage referenced that provide a fixed 2.5V output voltage for inputs between 4.5V and 40V. A unique combination of advanced circuit design and laser-wafer-trimmed thin-film resistors provides the AD1403/AD1403A with an initial tolerance of ±10mV and a temperature stability of better than 25ppm/°C. In addition, the low quiescent current drain of 1.5mA (max) offers a clear advantage over classical Zener techniques.

The AD1403 or AD1403A is recommended as a stable reference for all 8-, 10-, and 12-bit D-to-A converters that require an external reference. In addition, the wide input range of the AD1403/AD1403A allows operation with 5 volt logic supplies, making these devices ideal for digital panel meter applications and when only a single logic supply is available.

The AD1403 and AD1403A are specified for operation over the 0 to +70°C temperature range. The AD580 series of 2.5 volt precision IC references is recommended for applications where operation over the -55°C to +125°C range is required.

Product Highlights

  1. The AD1403A offers improved initial tolerance over the industry- standard 1403A: ±10 mV versus ±25 mV at a lower cost.
  2. The three-terminal voltage in/voltage out operation of the AD1403/AD1403A provides a regulated output voltage without any external components.
  3. The AD1403/AD1403A provides a stable 2.5 V output voltage for input voltages between 4.5 V and 40 V making these devices ideal for systems that contain a single logic supply.
  4. Thin film resistor technology and tightly controlled bipolar processing provide the AD1403A with temperature stabilities of 25 ppm/°C.
  5. The low 1.5 mA maximum quiescent current drain of the AD1403 and AD1403A makes them ideal for CMOS and other low power applications.


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