OBSOLETE PRODUCT — AD8327:  5 V CATV Line Driver Coarse Step Output Power Control

The AD8327 is a low-cost, digitally controlled, variable gain amplifier optimized for coaxial line driving applications such as cable modems that are designed to the MCNS-DOCSIS upstream standard. An 8-bit serial word determines the desired output gain over a 48.16 dB range resulting in gain changes of 6.02 dB/major carry.


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Gain Control Digital
Number of Channels 1
Bandwidth -3dB (typ) 160MHz
Gain (min) --18dB
Gain (max) +30dB; 48dB
Spectral Noise (nV/rtHz) 64nV/rtHz
Isupply Pos (max) 105mA
Gain Accuracy (dB) �1dB
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