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ADV7188:  Multiformat SDTV Video Decoder with Fast Switch Overlay Support

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The ADV7188 integrated video decoder automatically detects and converts standard analog baseband television signals compatible with worldwide NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards into 4:2:2 component video data compatible with 20-/16-/10-/8-bit CCIR 601/CCIR 656.

The advanced, highly flexible digital output interface enables performance video decoding and conversion in line-locked, clock-based systems. This makes the device ideally suited for a broad range of applications with diverse analog video character-istics, including tape-based sources, broadcast sources, security and surveillance cameras, and professional systems.

The accurate 12-bit ADC provides professional quality video performance and is unmatched. This allows true 10-bit resolution in the 10-bit output mode.

The 12 analog input channels accept standard composite, S-video, and component video signals in an extensive number of combinations.

AGC and clamp-restore circuitry allow an input video signal peak-to-peak range of 0.5 V to 1.6 V. Alternatively, these can be bypassed for manual settings.

The fixed 54 MHz clocking of the ADCs and datapath for all modes allows very precise, accurate sampling and digital filtering. The line-locked clock output allows the output data rate, timing signals, and output clock signals to be synchronous, asynchronous, or line locked even with ±5% variation in line length. The output control signals allow glueless interface connections in most applications. The ADV7188 modes are set up over a 2-wire, serial, bidirectional port (I2C compatible).

SCART and overlay functionality are enabled by the ability of the ADV7188 to process CVBS and standard definition RGB signals simultaneously. Signal mixing is controlled by the fast blank pin. The ADV7188 is fabricated in a 3.3 V CMOS process. Its monolithic CMOS construction ensures greater functionality with lower power dissipation. It is packaged in a small, Pb-free, 80-lead LQFP.

  • High end DVD recorders
  • Video projectors
  • HDD-based PVRs/DVDRs
  • LCD TVs
  • Set-top boxes
  • Professional video products
  • AVR receiver


  • Multiformat video decoder supports NTSC (J/M/4.43), PAL (B/D/G/H/I/M/N), SECAM
  • Integrates four 54 MHz, Noise Shaped Video (NSV®), 12-bit ADCs
  • SCART fast blank support
  • Clocked from a single 28.63636 MHz crystal
  • Line-locked clock-compatible (LLC)
  • Adaptive Digital Line Length Tracking (ADLLT™), signal processing, and enhanced FIFO management give mini-TBC functionality
  • 5-line adaptive comb filters
  • Proprietary architecture for locking to weak, noisy, and unstable video sources such as VCRs and tuners
  • Subcarrier frequency lock and status information output
  • Integrated automatic gain control (AGC) with adaptive peak white mode
  • Macrovision® copy protection detection
  • Chroma transient improvement (CTI)

Functional Block Diagram for ADV7188

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ADV7188: Multiformat SDTV Video Decoder with Fast Switch Overlay Support Data Sheet (Rev A, 01/2007) (pdf, 3159 kB) Технические описания PDF
AN-1260: Crystal Design Considerations for Video Decoders, HDMI Receivers, and Transceivers  (pdf, 126 kB) Статьи по применению PDF
AN-1180: Optimizing Video Platforms for Automated Post-Production Self-Tests  (pdf, 187 kB) Статьи по применению PDF
AN-850: 0: Adaptive Digital Line Length Tracking  (pdf, 203 kB) Статьи по применению PDF
ADV7188 Design Support Files Руководства пользователей HTML
Optimizing standard-definition video on high-definition displays
The availability of large-screen HD LCD TVs and plasma displays is driving the popularity of digital-TV broadcasts and HD-signal interfaces.
(EDN, February 5, 2009)
Технические статьи HTML
Analog Video Time Base Correction and Processing for Nonstandard TV Signals
by Frank Kearney, Analog Devices
(Design Line, 6/8/2007)
Технические статьи HTML
Analog Devices in Advanced TV Обзор HTML
RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
Словарь терминов Глоссарий HTML

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