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ADG222:  LC2MOS ±15 V Quad SPST Switch

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  • ADG1212: Low Capacitance, Low Charge Injection, ±15 V/+12 V iCMOS Quad SPST Switch
  • ADG5212: High Voltage Latch-Up Proof, Quad SPST Switches

The ADG222 is a monolithic CMOS device comprising four independently selectable switches. On-chip latches facilitate microprocessor interfacing. It is designed on an enhanced LC2MOS process which gives an increased signal handling capability of ±15 V. This switch also features high switching speeds and low RON.

The ADG222 consists of four SPST switches. The ADG222 switches are turned on with a logic high on the appropriate control input. All devices exhibit break before make switching action. Inherent in the design is low charge injection for minimum transients when switching the digital inputs.


  • 44 V Supply Maximum Ratings
  • ± 15 V Analog Signal Range
  • Low On-Resistance (60 max)
  • Low Leakage (0.5 nA typ)
  • Break-Before-Make Switching Action
  • Extended Plastic Temperature Range
    (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Low Power Dissipation (22.5 mW)
  • TTL/CMOS Compatible
  • Superior Second Source for
  • 16-Lead DIP/SOIC Packages

Functional Block Diagram for ADG222


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