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AD8232:  Single-Lead Heart Rate Monitor Analog Front End

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The AD8232 is an integrated signal conditioning block for ECG and other biopotential measurement applications. It is designed to extract, amplify, and filter small biopotential signals in the presence of noisy conditions, such as those created by motion or remote electrode placement. This design allows for an ultralow power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) or an embedded microcontroller to acquire the output signal easily.

The AD8232 can implement a two-pole high-pass filter for eliminating motion artifacts and the electrode half-cell potential. This filter is tightly coupled with the instrumentation architec-ture of the amplifier to allow both large gain and high-pass filtering in a single stage, thereby saving space and cost.

An uncommitted operational amplifier enables the AD8232 to create a three-pole low-pass filter to remove additional noise. The user can select the frequency cutoff of all filters to suit different types of applications.

To improve common-mode rejection of the line frequencies in the system and other undesired interferences, the AD8232 includes an amplifier for driven lead applications, such as right leg drive (RLD).

The AD8232 includes a fast restore function that reduces the duration of otherwise long settling tails of the high-pass filters. After an abrupt signal change that rails the amplifier (such as a leads off condition), the AD8232 automatically adjusts to a higher filter cutoff. This feature allows the AD8232 to recover quickly, and therefore, to take valid measurements soon after connecting the electrodes to the subject.

The AD8232 is available in a 4 mm × 4 mm, 20-lead LFCSP package. Performance is specified from 0°C to 70°C and is operational from −40°C to +85°C.


  • Fitness and Activity Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Portable ECG
  • Remote health monitors
  • Gaming peripherals
  • Biopotential signal acquisition


  • Fully integrated single-lead ECG front end
  • Low supply current:
    170 μA (typical)
  • Common-mode rejection ratio: 80 dB (dc to 60 Hz)
  • Two or three electrode configurations
  • High signal gain (G = 100) with dc blocking capabilities
  • 2-pole adjustable high-pass filter
  • Accepts up to ±300 mV of half cell potential
  • Fast restore feature improves filter settling
  • Uncommitted op amp
  • See data sheet for additional features

Functional Block Diagram for AD8232


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AD8232 Filter Design Tool
This tool helps designers with the optimization of the bandpass filters required in a ECG AFE.
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AD8232 Model Options
Model Package Pins Temp.
Price*(100-499) Price*1000 pcs RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
AD8232ACPZ-R7 Status: Production 20 ld LFCSP 4x4mm (2.6EP) 20 Ind Reel, 1500 - $1.36 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
AD8232ACPZ-RL Status: Production 20 ld LFCSP 4x4mm (2.6EP) 20 Ind Reel, 5000 - $1.36 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
AD8232ACPZ-WP Status: Production 20 ld LFCSP 4x4mm (2.6EP) 20 Ind Tray, 64 $1.70 $1.36 Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
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AD8232 Evaluation Board
Model Description Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
AD8232-EVALZ Status: Production Evaluation Board $46.27 Yes -

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