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ADP3330:  High Accuracy Ultralow I(Q), 200 mA, SOT-23, anyCAP® Low Dropout Regulator

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The ADP3330 is a member of the ADP330x family of precision low dropout anyCAP voltage regulators. The ADP3330 operates with an input voltage range of +2.9 V to +12 V and delivers a load current up to 200 mA. The ADP3330 stands out from the conventional LDOs with a novel architecture and an enhanced process that enables it to offer performance advantages and higher output current than its competition. Its patented design requires only a 0.47 µF output capacitor for stability. This device is insensitive to output capacitor Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), and is stable with any good quality capacitor, including ceramic (MLCC) types for space-restricted applications. The ADP3330 achieves exceptional accuracy of ±0.7% at room temperature and ±1.4% over temperature, line and load variations. The dropout voltage of the ADP3330 is only 140 mV (typical) at 200 mA. This device also includes a safety current limit, thermal overload protection and a shutdown feature. In shutdown mode, the ground current is reduced to less than 2 µA. The ADP3330 has ultralow quiescent current 34 µA (typ) in light load situations.

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  • High Accuracy Over Line and Load: ±0.7% @ +25°C, ±1.4% Over Temperature
  • Ultralow Dropout Voltage: 140 mV (Typ) @
    200 mA
  • Requires Only CO = 0.47 µF for Stability
  • anyCAP = Stable with Any Type of Capacitor (Including MLCC)
  • Current and Thermal Limiting
  • Low Noise
  • Low Shutdown Current: <2 µA
  • 2.9 V to 12 V Supply Range
  • –40°C to +85°C Ambient Temperature Range
  • Ultrasmall Thermally Enhanced
    Chip-on-Lead™ SOT-23-6
    6-Lead Package

Functional Block Diagram for ADP3330


Title Content Type File Type
ADP3330: High Accuracy, Ultralow I(Q), 200 mA, SOT-23, anyCAP Low Dropout Regulator Data Sheet (Rev B, 05/2014) (pdf, 137 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-1072: How to Successfully Apply Low Dropout Regulators  (pdf, 105 kB)
This application note reviews the basic LDO topology, explains key specifications, and shows the application of low dropout voltage regulators in systems.
Application Notes PDF
AN-900: Enhancing the Performance of Pedometers Using a Single Accelerometer  (pdf, 208 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-349: Keys to Longer Life for CMOS  (pdf, 89 kB)
Here's How CMOS Can be Protected Against Abuse
Application Notes PDF
AN-602: Using the ADXL202 in Pedometer and Personal Navigation Applications  (pdf, 81 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-262: Low-Noise Low Drop-Out Regulator for Portable Equipment  (pdf, 341 kB) Application Notes PDF
CN-0158: Universal Serial Bus (USB) Hub Isolator Circuit  (pdf, 536 kB) Circuit Note PDF
CN-0031: Half-Duplex, Isolated RS-485 Interface  (pdf, 88 kB) Circuit Note PDF
Introduction to ADIsimPower
ADIsimPower is a smart selector and a collection of downloadable tools that produce complete and optimized power designs. Schematic, bill of materials, and performance data are customized to your specific needs in minutes.
Videos HTML
EVAL-ADP3330/ADP3331  (pdf, 296 kB)
3V, 200 mA anyCAP LDO Evaluation Board
Evaluation Kit Manuals PDF
High-Performance Multichannel Power-Line Monitoring with Simultaneous-Sampling ADCs
By Colm Slattery, Analog Devices, Inc. (Analog Dialogue, Vol. 41, January 2007)
Analog Dialogue HTML
The Fundamentals of LDO Design and Applications Technical Articles HTML
Linear Regulators Parametric Search Product Selection Guide HTML
What are LDOs and how are they used? FAQs/RAQs HTML
RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML

Design Tools,Models,Drivers & Software

Title Content Type File Type
ADI Linear Regulator Design Tool and Parametric Search  (zip)
Microsoft Excel download tool from ADIsimPower to generate a power supply design complete with a schematic, bill of materials, and performance specifications.
ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools ZIP
Download files for ADIsimPower™ Voltage Regulator Design Tool
The individual Excel-based voltage regulator design tools used in ADIsimPower™.
ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools HTML
ADIsimPower™ Voltage Regulator Design Tool
This expert design tool produces custom DC-DC converter designs in about a minute. The user enters 5 inputs and chooses to optimize for efficiency, PCB space, cost, or part count. Output is a complete schematic, BOM, efficiency plot, and performance summary. A PDF summary and a blank PCB is offered for each design to facilitate fast prototyping to verify the design.
ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools HTML
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ADP3330 Model Options
Model Package Pins Temp.
Price*(100-499) Price*1000 pcs RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
ADP3330ARTZ-2.5-R7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ-2.75R7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ-2.75RL Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 10000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ-2.85R7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ-3-RL7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ-3.6-R7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ-5-RL7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADP3330ARTZ3.3-RL7 Status: Production 6 ld SOT-23 6 Ind Reel, 3000 - $0.82 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
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