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Welcome to the MEMS evaluation tool home page. This page provides user guides, software and all other support information for inertial MEMS evaluation tools, which help simplify early design projects with the following product families: ADXLxxx, ADXRSxxx and ADIS16xxx. Inertial MEMS evaluation tools fall under three basic categories:

  • Breakout boards provide a simple connector interface, which simplifies the prototyping process.

  • Real-time Evaluation Systems provide interface hardware and application software, which enable PC-based evaluation of breakout boards and/or sensors.

  • Stand-Alone Development Boards provide interface hardware and embedded software development tools for system-level code development.

Featured Evaluation Boards

Breakout Boards:

Breakout Board

Breakout boards are the simplest evaluation tool offered. Optimal for integration into an existing system without hardware design.

  • Their compact size minimizes the effect on the system and on sensor measurements.
  • A stiff and thick PCB minimizes mechanical effects on the sensor, delivering truer sensor measurements.

Breakout Boards are available for all ADI MEMS sensors:

Eval Systems: Real-Time

Evaluation Systems

MEMS sensor evaluation systems are accompanied by a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows real-time sensor evaluation. The GUI facilitates evaluation of parameters such as temperature coefficient, noise, power consumption, and more. Data can be viewed on the screen and/or saved into a text file.

The evaluation systems make it easy to evaluate product performance outside of an existing system. For a board that can be easily built into an existing system, refer to the Breakout Boards tab on this page. For a system that allows for firmware and algorithm development, refer to the Development Boards tab on this page.

Evaluation systems consist of a universal motherboard that can interface with multiple satellite boards. The first kit ordered must include a motherboard. Subsequently, additional product-specific satellite boards may be ordered for use with the same motherboard. Product-specific firmware and GUI are supplied for all supported products.

Two types of systems are available. Products beginning with the prefix ADXL or ADXRS use the Inertial Sensor Evaluation Board (ISEB). The ADISUSB and EVAL-ADIS systems provide real-time evaluation support for iSensor products, which have part numbers that begin with ADIS. Click on either part number (ADISUSB, EVAL-ADIS) to review the products supported by these systems.

ISEB iSensor Evaluation Tools
  ADXL312: 3-Axis, ±1.5 g/±3 g/±6 g/±12 g Digital Accelerometer
  ADXL345: 3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 g Digital Accelerometer
  ADXL362: Digital Output, ±2/±4/±8 g Range
  ADXRS450: ±300°/sec High Vibration Immunity Digital Gyro
  ADXRS453: High Performance, Digital Output Gyroscope
  ADXRS800: High Performance, SPI Digital Output, Angular Rate Sensor

  ADIS16003: Dual-Axis ±1.7 g Accelerometer with SPI Interface
  ADIS16006: Dual-Axis ±5g Accelerometer with SPI Interface
  ADIS16133: ±1200°/sec Precision Angular Rate Sensor
  ADIS16135: ±300°/Sec Precision Angular Rate Sensor
  ADIS16136: ±450°/Sec Precision Angular Rate Sensor
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Ordering Note:
Kits may be ordered with or without the universal motherboard. The first kit ordered must include the motherboard; subsequent kits may include the satellite board only, which can be used with the previously-ordered motherboard.

Kits that include the universal motherboard have a "-M" suffix: for example, EVAL-ADXL345Z-M. These kits consist of a full evaluation system: universal motherboard, product-specific satellite board, and all required accessories.

Kits that include the satellite board and NOT the motherboard have a "-S" suffix: for example, EVAL-ADXL345Z-S. These kits consist of the product-specific satellite board and all required accessories.

For additional information on kit contents and ordering, please refer to the ISEB evaluation board page.
Ordering Note:
The ADISUSBZ provides PC-based, real-time evaluation support for all ADIS16xxx products, except the ADIS16060, ADIS16130 and ADIS16488. It support 2,000 register reads per second and runs on 32-bit Windows machines (XP, Vista, 7)

The EVAL-ADIS provides PC-based, real-time evaluation support for the ADIS16488. It supports 29,000 register reads per second and runs on 64-bit Windows machines (XP, Vista, 7).

Complete summary of iSensor Evaluation tools (Wiki Site)

Develop Boards:

Development Board

These battery-operated boards are pre-configured for logging accelerometer data. No connection to a computer is required during operation, so acceleration can be measured almost anywhere. Data is saved in a text file on a microSD card, so any operating system can be used and a variety of options exist for post-processing. The board is completely reprogrammable for custom applications.

This board is available for the following products:

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