Features and Benefits

  • Hardware Bill of Materials
    • Processor: ADSP-BF707BBCZ-4
    • Imagers: OVM7692 (VGA SoC sensor with integrated lens), ASX-340 (VGA sensor)
    • Memory: MT46H128M16LFB7 (256 MB)
    • Flash: W25Q32 (32 MB)
    • Power management: ADP2370, ADP2230, ADP220, ADP195, ADM6315
    • Interface: FT232RQ
  • Specifications:
    • Power consumption: <1 W
    • Supply voltage: 3.2 V to 15 V
    • Form factor: 2.5 inches × 3.5 inches
  • Board Support Package:
    • Development tool chain: CrossCore® Embedded Studio™
    • Application software: VOS 3.2.0 (indoor/outdoor)
    • Documentation: user guide, PCB schematics

Product Details

The Blackfin Low-power Imaging Platform (BLIP) is a low cost, low power embedded computer vision platform targeting a vast array of real-time sensing applications. BLIP leverages the latest entry within the industry-leading, low power Blackfin processor family as well as Analog Devices’ optimized software library deliverables. This solution offers end equipment manufacturers an out of the box form factor development platform with multiple functional profiles covering intelligent motion sensing, people counting, vehicle detection, and face detection deployable in both indoor and outdoor use cases. The BLIP system includes an intuitive configuration GUI and enables real-time analysis of captured video, as well as video output/display through an on-board USB port, making it a highly valuable tool for product development. Additionally, the associated documentation package is well positioned to help customers accelerate their time to market.


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