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Recommended Components

Here is the list of recommended components from ADI. It helps you use this as a guide before submitting your project idea.
Products Part Number
Analog Microcontroller   ADuCM360/361
Digital Signal Processor   ADSP-BF527C
Amplifier   Precision Op Amps ( < 50MHz)
  High Speed Op Amps ( >50MHz)
  Differential Amplifiers
  Current Sense Amp
  Difference Amp
  Level translation ADC driver amplifier
  Instrumentation Amp
  Analog to Digital Converters   High Speed ADC (Pipeline)
  Precision SAR ADC
  High Precision (Sigma-Delta)
  Digital to Analog Converters   Precision nanoDACs
  High Speed DACs
  Temperature Sensor   ADT7301
MEMs   Accelerometers
  Inertial Measurement Units
Isolators   Digital Isolation ( 2.5kVrms/5kVrms)
  Digital Isolation with Power ( 2.5kVrms/5kVrms)
  Isolated Communication- I2C ( 2.5kVrms/5kVrms)
  Isolated Communication- RS232 ( 2.5kVrms)
  Isolated Communication- RS485 ( 2.5kVrms, 5kVrms)
  Isolated Communication- USB ( 2.5kVrms, 5kVrms)
  Isolated Communication- CAN ( 2.5kVrms, 5kVrms)
Switches/Multipliers   .+/-5v Low Ron
  .+/-15v Low Ron
  .+/-15v Low Ron (SPI Interface)
Power Meter   ADE5169
Video   ADV7180
Audio Amplifiers   SSM2306
Clock and DDS   ADF4360-x
Voltage Reference   ADR4525
High Speed Comparators   ADCMP600
RMS to DC   AD8436
Digital Potentiometer   AD5292
Integrated RF Transceivers   ADF7023
Power   ADP150
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