LTspice® представляет собой мощный программный пакет, включающий в себя SPICE-симулятор, редактор принципиальных схем и средство просмотра осциллограмм с улучшениями и моделями, позволяющими упростить моделирование аналоговых схем. LTspice предоставляет макромодели для большинства выпускаемых компанией Analog Devices импульсных стабилизаторов, усилителей, а также имеет библиотеку устройств для моделирования стандартных схем.

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LTspice® is high performance SPICE simulator software, including a graphical schematic capture interface. Schematics can be probed to produce simulation results—easily explored through LTspice’s built-in waveform viewer. LTspice’s enhancements and models improve the simulation of analog circuits when compared to other SPICE solutions.

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Date models updated - 28 11 2022

Загрузить для Windows 7, 8 и 10, 32 бит Версия 17.0.35

Загрузить для Windows 7, 8 и 10, 64 бит Версия 17.0.35

Загрузить для MacOS 10.10+ Версия 17.0.42

Загрузить для MacOS 10.9 (Окончание поддержки)

Загрузить для Windows XP (Окончание поддержки)

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Instructional Videos

Probe simulation in LTspice

Getting Started Tutorial

Learn about LTspice and how to use it. This video series includes an introduction to the LTspice schematic capture program via layout of a simple circuit.

Behavioral voltage source chart in LTspice

Essentials Tutorial

Learn how to use transformers, add third party models, create, work with symbols, and more.

Diagram comparing capacitor voltages in LTspice

AC & Noise Analysis Tutorial

Learn how to perform a basic AC analysis in LTspice as well as some capabilities you might not already know about. Also learn how to set up a noise simulation in LTspice to view both input and output referred voltage noise.

Tips and Articles

Circuit diagram in LTspice

Get Up and Running with LTspice

The key to most circuit designs is the speed with which you can reach an understanding of your circuit, its correctness, and its limitations. LTspice outperforms many other simulation tools and enables you to iterate your designs in minimal time.

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Diagram of triangular and sawtooth waveforms in LTspice

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Table showing LTspice keyboard hotkeys

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an alternate way to invoke one or more commands in LTspice that would otherwise only be accessible by clicking through the menu or toolbar.

Keyboard Shortcuts