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  • Host Board
  • Sensor Board
  • Temperature Flex Board
  • Mechanical Files
  • Alternative Layout File Formats
設計ファイルのダウンロード 50.66 M


型番に"Z"が付いているものは、RoHS対応製品です。 本回路の評価には以下の評価用ボードが必要です。

  • MAXREFDES104# EV Kit


MAXREFDES104#は、ウェアラブル・フォーム・ファクタの独特な評価および開発プラットフォームであり、ヘルスセンシング・アプリケーションに適した幅広いマキシム製品の機能実証に使用できます。この第三世代ヘルス・センサー・プラットフォーム(MAXREFDES101#ヘルス・センサー・プラットフォーム2.0の後継)には、2 in 1のPPG + ECGアナログフロントエンド(AFE)センサー(MAX86176)、人体温度センサー(MAX30208)、マイクロコントローラ(MAX32666)、パワーマネージメントIC(MAX20360)、および3軸加速度センサーが内蔵されています。このフル機能のプラットフォームには、3Dプリントされたエンクロージャと生体アルゴリズム・ハブが内蔵され、心拍数、血液飽和度、およびECGのアルゴリズムが組み込まれています(MAX32674)。アルゴリズム出力および未加工データは、Bluetooth™を介してPCのGUIに送信し、デモンストレーション、評価、およびカスタム開発に使用できます。



  • フォトプレチスモグラフィ(PPG)
  • 生体電位測定(ECG)
  • 皮膚温度計測
  • 心拍数(HRM)および血液酸素飽和度(SpO2)のアルゴリズムを組み込み済み
  • モーションおよび加速度
  • ウェアラブル・フォーム・ファクタ


  • フル機能の組み立て済みウェアラブル
  • BLE USBドングル(CY5677)
  • USB-A - USB-C変換ケーブル
  • USB-A - Micro-USB変換ケーブル
  • プログラマ・ボード(MAXDAP-USB-C)

Details Section

The MAXREFDES104# is the third generation in our family of health sensor development platforms. Like the previous generation, MAXREFDES101#, the MAXREFDES104# enables quick evaluation of our latest portfolio of wearable products to significantly shorten the development time for custom fitness, health, and clinical applications.

This ready-to-wear wrist form factor reference design monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse rate, heart rate (HR), body temperature and motion. Included algorithms provide HR, heart-rate variability (HRV), respiration rate (RR), SpO2, body temperature, and advanced analytics such as sleep quality and stress level information at clinical-grade levels. This complete reference design can also be used for clinical trials by allowing wearable designers to start collecting data immediately, saving at least six months over building these devices from scratch. Designed for wrist-based form factors, HSP 3.0 can be adapted for other dry electrode form factors such as chest patches and smart rings.

The MAXREFDES104# platform includes the following key components:

  • Micro board: Includes the MAX32666 host microcontroller, MAX32674 algorithm and sensor hub, MAX20360 power management IC (PMIC), dual-mode Bluetooth, and 64MB flash storage
  • Sensor board: Includes the MAX86176, ECG + PPG AFE, optical heart-rate sensor with three LEDs (Green, Red, and IR), and three photodiodes, stainless steel ECG electrodes, and 3-axis accelerometer
  • Temperature flex board: Includes flexible PCB with the MAX30208 body temperature sensor connected to an aluminum disc for optimal skin temperature measurements
  • 3D-printed enclosure with adjustable wrist straps
  • BLE USB dongle to ensure high data rate
  • MAX-DAP-C enables users to reprogram the device with the latest firmware and algorithm libraries
  • Design files, hardware, and software
  • MAX86176: Lowest-noise optical photoplethysmography (PPG) and electrical ECG analog front end (AFE), which offers 110dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to add SpO2 saturation capability and over 110dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) for dry electrode ECG applications. The device enables synchronous acquisition of PPG and ECG measurements, even with independent sample rates, providing pulse transit time for cardiac health use cases.
  • MAX20360: Highly integrated power and battery management power management IC (PMIC) optimized for advanced body-worn health sensing devices. It includes Maxim Integrated’s high-accuracy ModelGauge m5 EZ fuel gauge, a sophisticated haptic driver, and a unique low-noise buck-boost converter that maximizes SNR and minimizes power used for optical bio-sensing.
  • MAX32666: Bluetooth (BLE)-enabled, ultra-low power microcontroller with two Arm® Cortex®-M4F cores and an additional SmartDMA which permits running the BLE stack independently, leaving the two main cores available for major tasks. Moreover, the microcontroller integrates an entire security suite and error correcting code (ECC) on the memories to significantly increase the system’s robustness.
  • MAX32674: Ultra-low-power microcontroller dedicated to Maxim Integrated’s world-class PPG algorithms of pulse rate, SpO2, HRV, RR, sleep quality monitoring and stress monitoring. It can be configured either as a sensor hub to support firmware and algorithms or as an algorithm hub to support multiple algorithms. The MAX32674 seamlessly enables customer-desired sensor functionality, including managing the MAX86176 PPG and ECG sensor AFE as well as delivering either raw or calculated data to the outside world.
  • MAX30208: The low-power, high-accuracy digital temperature sensor comes in a small package size of 2mm x 2mm. It has 33 percent lower operating current compared to the closest competitive solution. It reads the temperature on the top of the package and can be mounted on a flex cable or PCB, making it easier to design into wearables. With accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius, the MAX30208 meets clinical temperature requirements.

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  • Applying for an NDA does not necessarily guarantee approval or shipment of any device or software.
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  • This zip file contains the Windows software GUI, Firmware updates, collateral such as API documents, host source code, and other resources as they become available.

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