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Automotive Security

ADI partners with customers to Instrument the Future. Leveraging industry-leading capabilities, we enable technological advances, further scientific discovery, and improve quality of life. ADI delivers complete solutions from antenna-to-bits and measurement-to-information.

How Analog Devices Drives Customer Value

Combining the proper tools, purpose-developed knowledge bases, and customizable solutions, Analog Devices’s precision technology signal chains enable easy adaptation. Each signal chain allows for simple tailoring to suit each unique application need.

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Keep Your Automotive Components Authentic, Safe, and Secure

As the automotive industry becomes more reliant on independent vehicle decision-making, intelligent safety mechanisms, and increased cloud connectivity, the need for automotive cybersecurity has never been more important. Modern-era automotive security is more than just about securing door locks. It has expanded to include information security functions such as vehicle authentication, counterfeit prevention of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) peripherals, protecting in-vehicle communication between subsystems, and securing data communication to the cloud.

With the imminent deployment of mass-produced, battery-powered, and autonomous vehicles, it is vital to take stock of how these technologies could become harmful if they are not correctly implemented and protected. Securing technology for the cars of tomorrow requires AEC-Q100 Grade 1-qualified secure components, both to enhance safety and preserve optimum system functionality.

Security Application and Solution Signal Chains


The DS28C40 is an I2C secure authenticator that enhances automotive security by ensuring the authenticity of the vehicle’s peripheral components. This IC can be embedded in any automotive peripheral, such as a camera, sensor, or battery management system. This automotive secure authentication IC uses ECDSA cryptography to verify to the host ECU that the component in which it is embedded is an OEM-compliant part of the system.

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The DS28E40 is a secure authenticator that provides a core set of cryptographic tools derived from integrated asymmetric (ECC-P256) and symmetric (SHA-256) security functions. In addition to the security services provided by the hardware-implemented cryptographic engines, the device integrates a FIPS/NIST true random number generator (TRNG), 6 kb of one-time programmable (OTP) memory for user data, keys, and certificates, one configurable general-purpose input/output (GPIO), and a unique 64-bit ROM identification number (ROM ID).

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