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Mounted (Fixed) Robotics Solutions

Mounted (fixed) robotics, or multi-axis systems, incorporate high-performance technologies to support the end system solution used in modern manufacturing installations. Examples of mounted robots include cobots, articulated robots, SCARA, delta robots, and many other CNC machines which may be rail mounted, wall mounted, floor mounted, or body mounted.
Analog Devices’ mounted robotics portfolio is backed by decades of innovation and domain expertise that enables more intelligent and flexible robots and cobots, step-changing productivity and efficiency, and modular designs from sensors to cloud.


Value and Benefits

Personalization is driving the need for flexibility in manufacturing systems, requiring fast reconfiguration to account for real-time changes in product mix, output volume, or process sequence. We offer full systems encompassing multiple technologies for subsystem elements from motor drive and servo systems to sensing and connectivity. With the aid of strong partner collaboration, we are enabling our technologies beyond silicon by embracing system services, applications software, firmware, and much more.

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Offers complete, board-level motor control solutions that leverage proven hardware building blocks from ADI Trinamic

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Features real-time connectivity to optimize for more advanced control and human engagement

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Enables long term reliable and robust automated tool changing

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