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      Space is Not Just for Astronauts

      What if space was for people on the front lines of humanity efforts, for connecting students in remote classrooms, and where we could help one another the most. It can be.

      Cars Should Be Made for the Way We Live, Not Just Drive

      What if cars anticipated our needs and adapted to fit them, created more immersive environments, and completely redefined how we thought of driving. They can.

      Consumer Technology Can Help Humans Be Better Humans

      What if technology helped change us for the better, made us listen to our bodies, enabled us to adapt to our surroundings, and inspired us to do healthy activities. It can.

      Testing Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs

      What if precise instrumentation and testing technologies available now could help create breakthroughs for tomorrow which will change the world? ADI makes it happen.

      Next Generation Connectivity

      What if communications had no borders and everyone was connected to everyone, everywhere, regardless of location? ADI makes it possible.

      Preventing the Spread of Diseases with Digital Health Innovations

      What if precision sensing and rapid disease detection could help prevent the next pandemic before it even starts? They can thanks to ADI.

      Powering a Brighter Future

      What if any child, anywhere could read in the dark, thanks to an old EV battery? ADI is shedding a light on renewable energy.

      A More Human Industrial Revolution

      What if the next industrial revolution was more human, factories were smarter, and robots made work safer? ADI helps turn what if into what is.