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      Achieving net-zero emissions and sustainability is now a global and business imperative, but the perceived costs of decarbonization are often seen as a challenge, especially in uncertain markets. Carbon-based energy has long spurred technological and economic progress. How can we continue exceptional advancement with the planet in mind? In short, how can we decouple growth from greenhouse gas emissions?

      The transition to a net-zero economy is an unparalleled commercial opportunity, with an estimated $78 trillion in cumulative spend by 2035 on low-emissions assets.

      Watch highlights from The Six Five Summit – Analog Devices’ Greg Henderson is featured and offers insights on how sustainability is driving new partnerships, innovation, and positive impact.

      Featured Participants:

      • Greg Henderson: SVP, Automotive & Energy, Communications and Aerospace Group, Analog Devices
      • Daniel Newman: CEO, The Futurum Group

      Featured Video Segments:

      Ecosystem and Partners

      ADI is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its internal operations and reaching carbon neutral by 2030 and net zero by 2050. Discover how ADI engages with partners, customers, and suppliers across the ecosystem in transportation, grid, buildings, industrial automation, and communications to help them reduce their carbon footprint and get to net zero faster.

      The Electrification and Automotive Closed Ecosystem

      ADI is investing in three major platforms—energy management, storage, and conversion—that can drive down carbon emissions immediately across automotive and electrification. Find out why this closed ecosystem is needed to support a completely sustainable grid that generates renewable power for electric vehicles (EVs), and why this is a big growth driver for the industry as a whole.

      Opportunities for More Efficient and Sustainable Factories

      Factories use almost half of global energy. Building an ecosystem that reduces industry emissions will require significant efficiency improvements that consume less energy while generating the same output. Learn how connected factories and smart motors can improve industry efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

      The Power of Sustainability to Drive Growth (Full Interview)