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      As the latest generation of wireless networks comes to life and the impact of 5G starts taking shape, the change across the network is enormous and far-reaching. The driving force behind this shift is network disaggregation – O-RAN is reshaping the ecosystem, creating lower barriers to participation, new technology and novel, open approaches to infrastructure.

      Recently, ADI executives joined some of the biggest names across 5G ecosystem – including: Facebook Connectivity, Vodafone and Marvell – to discuss the changes coming from network disaggregation and what opportunities are in store for the industry in the years to come.

      Featured panelists:

      • Joe Barry, VP Wireless Communications, Analog Devices
      • Greg Henderson, SVP, Automotive, Communications, and Aerospace & Defense
      • Paco Martin, Head of Network Planning, Vodafone
      • Jaydeep Ranade, Director, Wireless Engineering, Facebook Connectivity
      • Raj Singh, EVP Processors Business Group, Marvell
      • Moderator: Caroline Gabriel, Co-founder and Research Director, Rethink Technology Research
      Network Disaggregation Panelist Logos

      Opportunities Presented by Network Disaggregation

      The panelists discuss what they see as the biggest challenges and opportunities that network disaggregation will affect, offering supply chain flexibility and diversity, performance, enabling partner contributions and co-creations, economies of scale, capex reduction, new services and revenue streams, investment opportunities, and technical innovation.

      Potential Pitfalls for Consideration

      The panelists outline some of the bigger pitfalls and challenges that players are working together to overcome including lack of feature parity, ecosystem coordination, and interoperability testing.

      The critical next steps needed to deliver on the promise of open networks

      Panelists discuss crucial steps that will enable the delivery of O-RAN, including showing support and demand, challenging the status quo with network building, developing standards, and driving commonalities.

      Network Disaggregation and the Future of 5G: Full discussion

      Watch the full discussion as leaders from ADI, Facebook Connectivity, Vodafone, Marvell, and Rethink Technology Research explore network disaggregation and the future of 5G.