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      From big tech to burgeoning startups, everyone has goals of net zero or carbon neutrality. But how much is truly legit and how much is “greenwashing?” Watch and learn in this Financial Times panel at #TechFT Live as top leaders discuss tech’s role in helping companies achieve a more sustainable future.

      Featured Participants:

      • Dan Leibholz, Chief Technology Officer, Analog Devices
      • Susanne Baker, Associate Director, Climate, Environment and Sustainability, Tech UK
      • Stefan Rust, former CEO at and Founder of Sonic Capital
      • Richard Waters, West Coast Editor, Financial Times (Moderator)

      Featured Video Segments:

      Confidence in Big Tech’s Green Initiatives

      The panel discusses how confident they are in tech being an integral part of the new green world solution—from virtual work spaces to electric vehicles and automation.

      Impact of Big Tech Companies

      Dan Leibholz discusses how digital technology will deliver key factors in helping companies adopt and grow green initiatives.

      Datacenters & Networks: Big Energy Beasts?

      Learn how we can improve datacenter energy use through new technologies and the important role wireless networks can play to dramatically lower tech’s carbon footprint.

      Keeping the Industry Accountable

      The panel covers how to ensure green claims are truthful. Dan Leibholz discusses ADI’s work with SBTI (science-based target initiatives) and how the company is replacing PFCs with more environmentally-friendly products.