Features and Benefits

  • LED Driver, Timing Circuit, Sequencer, LEDs, and LED Cover
  • Demonstrates Dim Up and Dim Down Sequence
  • Sequence Timing Adjustment Potentiometer
  • Toggle Switches to Easily Evaluate Different Modes of Operation
  • Hazard Light Mode
  • No Software or Graphical User Interface (GUI) Required

Product Details

The MAX25605 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX25605 6-switch sequential LED controller for automotive lighting systems. The MAX25605 EV kit demonstrates a complete sequential lighting design, including an on-board timing circuit, two MAX25611 LED drivers configured as boost-to-battery (battery referenced buck-boost), and two MAX25605 sequential LED controllers. Additionally, the EV kit has 12 yellow LEDs installed and comes with an acrylic shield to cover the LEDs for eye protection. The board includes mechanical switches to easily demonstrate different sequence settings and modes of operation. Refer to the MAX25611 and the MAX25605 data sheets for detailed information regarding these ICs.


  • Hardware Based Lighting Animation
  • Sequential Turn Signal Lights

Applicable Parts