Features and Benefits

  • 40V to 60V Input Voltage Range (Configurable from 8V to 60V)
  • 12V Output Voltage (Configurable from 3V to 0.95 × VIN)
  • Adjustable Slope Compensation Ramp
  • Multiphase Operation up to 8 Phases
  • Adjustable 60kHz to 1MHz Switching Frequency
  • External Switching Frequency Clock Synchronization
  • External REFIN Input for Output Adjustment
  • Hiccup Fault Protection for Overcurrent and Thermal Shutdown
  • PGOOD Output (Power-Good Output)
  • Adjustable Input UVLO and Output OVP Voltage
  • Adjustable Soft-Start
  • Monotonic Startup into Prebiased Output

Product Details

The MAX15157D evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit board that contains all of the components necessary to evaluate the performance of the MAX15157D high-efficiency step-down regulator. The EV kit is powered from a 40V to 60V DC supply. It is capable of delivering 12V/20A output at a 150kHz switching frequency. Refer to the MAX15157D data sheet to set the switching frequency and input/output voltage ranges for the EV kit.


  • Automotive
  • Datacenter
  • Industrial
  • Multiphase Buck

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