Features and Benefits

  • Monitors and Streams Activity and Heart Rate to an Android® Mobile App
  • Collects Beat-to-Beat Physiological Data about the Heart
  • Provides Access to Raw Data from Sensors and Algorithm Output
  • Algorithm Output Data Includes Heart Rate, Heart-Rate Variability, Step Count, and Activity Classification
  • Eliminates up to 9 Months of Design Time for Building and Prototyping
  • Requires Less Than Half the Power and One-Third the Space of Other Solutions
  • Runs for Up to 7 Days on a Single Charge

Product Details

The MAX-HEALTH-BAND wrist-worn heart-rate and activity monitor provides a simplified means to extract high-accuracy vital signs and raw data from health sensors for wearable designs. This unique evaluation and development platform uses the MAX86140 optimized optical pulse-oximeter/heart-rate sensor and the MAX20303 wearable power management solution, and showcases Maxim’s motion-compensated health sensor algorithms. The MAX-HEALTH-BAND streams algorithm output and raw data from the health sensors via Bluetooth® onto a smartphone app for customized algorithm development. The platform is also available for white-box license.

In addition to raw PPG and accelerometer data, the MAX-HEALTH-BAND monitors steps, activity classification, heart rate, and interbeat intervals for heart-rate variability. The MAX-HEALTH-BAND comes with a wrist-worn heart-rate and activity band, a USB charging cable, and instructions for downloading the Android-based application.


  • Fitness and Wellness Trackers
  • Health Monitoring Trackers
  • Reliable Hardware to Develop New Use Cases and Customer Algorithms

Tools & Simulations

Software Development