Features and Benefits

The FlexMC Kit enables users to:
  • Model and implement motor control algorithms rapidly with sensored and sensorless operation
  • Minimize setup time with out-of-the-box functionality and begin testing quickly
  • Leverage the high-performance modeling environment to develop, debug, and test new control loops
  • Prototype rapidly and then deploy with the FlexMC Kit

Product Details

The FlexMC Motor Control Development PlatformTM is a rapid development system for any motor control solution. The FlexMC KitTM enables you to accelerate time-to-market and increase performance with powerful model-based design tools. The ADI/Boston Engineering solution combines hardware and software with out-of-the-box functionality for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with hall sensor, encoder, or sensorless feedback.

Solution Overview

 The FlexMC Kit has the hardware and software required to spin the motor under open or closed loop speed control. With the FlexMC Kit, you model your system in MATLAB and Simulink, generate the C code, and then deploy. Utilizing system modeling and design concepts, the FlexMC Kit also contains libraries in MATLAB and Simulink for additional access to proven methodologies. The FlexMC Kit hardware includes a PMSM motor with encoder and a Boston Engineering universal AC input drive board that connects directly to an Analog Devices ADSP-CM408 Mixed-Signal Control Processor EZ Kit. Users can prototype with PC power using MATLAB and Simulink, then deploy with the FlexMC Kit. Easy connection to motors and the ADSP-CM408 EZ Kit make this system perfect for your prototyping needs.

Universal AC Kit Contents


  • Universal AC Voltage Motor Control Board, 95-250VAC, 400W
  • 3-phase Brushless  PMSM
  • Quadrature Incremental Encoder'
  • Simulink Libraries
  • C Libraries
  • Demo Application

Note: The FlexMC  Motor Control Universal AC Kit is manufactured, distributed and supported by Boston Engineering (BE) exclusively. BE assumes all responsibility for the proper installation and operation of the kit.

Documentation & Resources

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