Features and Benefits

  • Mating connector for the ADIS16210 and ADIS16228 
  • Standard (1mm, 16-pin) ribbon cable interface for simple connection to a separate embedded processor board 
  • Compatible interface with EVAL-ADIS2 platform

Product Details

The ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ breakout board simplifies the process of connecting ADIS16210 and ADIS16228 products to an embedded processor board or to the EVAL-ADIS2 evaluation system. The ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ also serves as a partial replacement for two evaluation tools that will soon be obsolete. Please see the following list: 
  • Replace the ADIS16210/PCBZ with (1) ADIS16210CMLZ and (1)  ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ
  • Replace the ADIS16228/PCBZ with (1) ADIS16228CMLZ and (1)  ADIS16ACL1/PCBZ

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