Features and Benefits


  • USB interface
  • Software control of the:
    • Integrated amplifier gain
    • Power-down functionality
    • Synchronization with the ADC sampling
    • Offset zeroing and sensor reset
  • Connector for external access
  • Measurement test points


  • Contactless current measurement
  • ±200 A nominal range
  • Up to ±640 A extended range
  • Small form factor
  • Low noise
  • Zero-offset over life and temperature
  • Single analog output
  • Plug and play

Product Details

Analog Devices offers two board architectures for evaluation of the ADAF1080.

  • The EVAL-ADAF1080SDZ enables the user to simply and quickly achieve precise measurement of magnetic flux density using the high performance of the ADAF1080 and is compatible with the SDP-B controller board. The EVAL-ADAF1080SDZ features the ADAF1080 as a precision field sensor and a graphical user interface (GUI) is available to the user for quick evaluation.
  • The EVAL-ADAF1080-3EBZ or EVAL-ADAF1080-6EBZ includes an on-board low dropout (LDO) regulator, multiple ADAF1080 devices, and a summing amplifier to output a single analog voltage. Analog Devices, Inc., offer two versions of this evaluation board. The EVAL-ADAF1080-3EBZ has three sensors for a cost-effective, current-measurement solution, and the EVAL-ADAF1080-6EBZ has six sensors for cases where higher accuracy and resistance to interference is required.

The ADAF1080 is a single-axis, high-precision, low-field magnetic sensor with integrated signal conditioning. The device incorporates a low-field anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) sensor with an integrated signal conditioning amplifier, a flip coil with a driver and a calibration coil with a driver for measuring magnetic fields precisely. The ADAF1080 enables, low-noise, wide dynamic range measurement with zero electrical offset, wide bandwidth, and low harmonic distortions with integrated functions.

Getting Started



  • SDP-B controller board  
  • USB cable (supplied with the SDP-B controller board)  
  • External readback electronics and 5 V supply (optional)


  • 5 V power supply
  • An acquisition system compatible with the output voltage
  • Digital lines for control of the features of the ADAF1080 (optional)