Features and Benefits

  • Full-featured evaluation board for the AD5930
  • USB cable for PC connection
  • Can be powered entirely from USB port
  • Various linking options
  • PC software for control of the AD5930
  • On-board patchwork area

Product Details

This user guide describes the evaluation board for the AD5930 programmable single-scan waveform generator with programmable frequency sweep and output burst capabilities. The EVAL-AD5930EBZ interfaces to the USB port of a PC. It is possible to power the entire EVAL-AD5930EBZ off the USB port. Software for the EVAL-AD5930EBZ is downloadable from the EVAL-AD5930EBZ product page, which allows users to easily program the AD5930.

The EVAL-AD5930EBZ includes a 50 MHz oscillator that provides the MCLK for the AD5930. The user can remove this oscillator, if required, and drive the AD5930 with a different clock oscillator or an external clock source via a subminiature BNC connector.