Features and Benefits

Evaluation Kit Contents
  • 1pc. PCB: 1-Wire Device Evaluation Board
  • 1pc. RJ11 male to RJ11 male cable, 7ft
  • 1pc. 1-Wire USB adapter with RJ11 Maxim DS9490R#
  • 1pc. 64-bit silicon serial number (3-pin TO92) Maxim DS2401+
  • 1pc. 1-Wire dual-addressable switch plus 1kb EPROM memory (6-pin TSOC) Maxim DS2406P+
  • 1pc. 1-Wire dual-channel addressable switch (6-pin TSOC) Maxim DS2413P+
  • 1pc. 1024-bit 1-Wire EEPROM (3-pin TO92) Maxim DS2431+
  • 1pc. 4Kb 1-Wire EEPROM (3-pin PR-35) Maxim DS2433+
  • 1pc. 4096-Bit Addressable 1-Wire EEPROM with PIO (on EV kit) Maxim DS28E04S-100+
  • 1pc. 20Kb 1-Wire EEPROM (3-pin TO92) Maxim DS28EC20+
  • 1pc. Package of 11 2-pin shunts for jumpering

Product Details

The DS9090K provides the hardware and software necessary to evaluate and operate 1-Wire® products in an easy-to-use PC environment. All 1-Wire EEPROM, EPROM, and ROM devices are readable with the DS9090K. All 1-Wire devices with memory or PIO/switches can be written with the DS9090K except 1-Wire EPROM devices*. In this way, the engineer can evaluate 1-Wire chips for potential design purposes or support end-product development activity. Kit operation requires a host PC. Demonstration software consists of the OneWireViewer (a Java program). For 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® operating systems, the OneWireViewer comes as part of the 1-Wire Drivers install package. For other operating systems, refer to the online version of the OneWireViewer.

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