Features and Benefits

  • Interfaces with Up to Four Daughter Cards Simultaneously
  • Connects PC-Based Demo Software to the Telecom ICs Under Evaluation
  • Provides Point-and-Click Access to All Telecom IC Registers and Features
  • Demo Software User Interface can be Customized with Simple Text Edits
  • Supports Development of Telecom Firmware Before Target Board Design is Complete
  • 64MB of DRAM, 4MB of Flash Memory
  • Supports 5V, 3.3V, and 2.5V Telecom ICs
  • Hardware Support for Daughter Card-to-Daughter Card and Daughter Card-to-Processor TDM Data Streams
  • Hardware Support for UTOPIA II Interface
  • Side TIM Connector Provides Access to the PowerPC 60x Bus for High-Performance Applications
  • Provides Several Connectors for In-System Programming of Board Components

Product Details

The DK2000 is a powerful, flexible platform for evaluating Dallas Semiconductor Telecom ICs and developing related firmware. The ICs are mounted on daughter cards specifically designed to plug into the DK2000's four connectors. The DK2000 provides a Motorola MPC8260 PowerQUICC II communications processor, L2 cache, DRAM, flash memory, various clocks and support logic, and an RS-232 interface to a host PC. As shipped from the factory, the processor runs general-purpose firmware that executes reads and writes to the daughter cards on behalf of PC-based demo software.