Features and Benefits

  • Connects PC-Based Demo Software to the Telecom IC(s) Under Evaluation
  • Provides Point-and-Click Access to All Telecom IC Registers and Features
  • 128kB of Flash Memory, 264kB of SRAM
  • Demo Software User Interface can be Customized with Simple Text Edits
  • Allows Download and Execution of Custom Firmware for Advanced Applications
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V Telecom ICs
  • On-Board Oscillators: 3.088MHz (2 x DS1), 16.384MHz (8 x E1), and 44.736MHz (DS3)
  • Four General-Purpose Switches Available for Use with Custom Firmware
  • Motorola ONCE/BDM Connector for Code Development and Debug

Product Details

The DK101 is a general-purpose demo kit platform for evaluating Dallas Semiconductor Telecom ICs. The ICs are mounted on daughter cards specifically designed to plug into the DK101's connector. The DK101 provides a microprocessor, flash- and SRAM-based program memory, various oscillators and support logic, and an RS-232 interface to a host PC. As shipped from the factory, the processor runs general-purpose firmware that executes reads and writes to the daughter card on behalf of PC-based demo software. Custom firmware can be downloaded and executed by the processor for advanced applications.