Product Details

The DC9010B Eterna Serial Programmer provides in-circuit access to Eterna based products (such as the LTC5800, LTP5900, LTP5901, or LTP5902) and is used to load SmartMesh networking software. Eterna is the powerful, low power ARM Cortex-M3 System-on-Chip that includes 512kbytes of on board flash memory. Refer to the Eterna Serial Programmer Guide for additional information.

The DC9010B consists of an enclosed circuit board with a USB micro-B interface and a 2x5 pin 2mm ribbon cable and is used in conjunction with the Eterna Serial Programmer (ESP) software.

An alternative to the DC9010B Eterna Serial Programmer is the DC9006 Eterna Interface Card (when connected with a DC9004 adaptor card). The DC9006/DC9004 is included in SmartMesh IP starter kits and performs many, but not all, of the same functions as the DC9010B. For more details, please visit the DC9006 web page.

Software Utilities

ESP zip file Eterna Serial Programmer software utility - win32 executable. Zip file contains .exe file and DLL Download ESP Zip File
FTDI driver USB-to-Serial drivers for communication with DC9006A boards Download D2XX drivers from FTDIchip.com
Board Specific Configuration Application Application required to generate a Board Specific Configuration Image Download 'FuseTable.zip'

Product Software Binaries

Software binary images are delivered separately via secure FTP server. Please refer to the instructions on the “Product Software Download Certificate” delivered with your product hardware, or email dustsoftware@linear.com for assistance

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