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Demonstration circuit 2839A is a high voltage, high side current sense circuit featuring the LTC6115. This circuit measures inputs up to 100V and 2A. The board can be connected to Linduino® as a shield and has an accompanying Linduino sketch. The gain of the current sense channel may be set with jumpers to 5V/A (100V/V) or 2.5V/A (50V/V), and the gain of the voltage sense channel may be selected with jumpers for unity gain or 2V/V.

The DC2839A includes a 4-terminal 50mΩ sense resistor with a footprint for larger, higher-power rated parts. A 1:1000 resistor divider can be selected with jumpers to provide simulated mV-scale input difference voltages if high currents are not available.

The voltage sense and current sense can be configured to measure the same input or separate inputs.

An external 5V to 100V power source is needed for input and current sense supply. The voltage sense supply can be either an external 2.7V to 5.5V power source or drawn from a Linduino (DC2026C) board when DC2839A is used as a Linduino shield. An optional electronic load capable of sinking up to 2A at 100V can also be used as input to the current sense. Turrets are provided for input and out-put, along with Linduino shield connectors to Linduino’s onboard ADC inputs.

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