Features and Benefits

  • Enables quick breadboarding and prototyping
  • User defined circuit configuration
  • Easy connection to other ADC evaluation boards

Product Details

The Analog Devices, Inc., amplifier mezzanine card (AMC) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) driver evaluates the performance of amplifiers in 8-lead, single and dual SOIC, 6-lead single SOT23, 8-lead dual MSOP, and 16-lead LFCSP packages. This add on board can be inserted on ADC evaluation boards using its 7-pin header. Figure 1 shows the AMC mounted on an Analog Devices, Inc., ADC evaluation board.

The AMC can support any of Analog Devices operational amplifiers and ADC drivers in different packages. The user can configure the ADC driver as a Sallen-Key low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filter, as a multiple feedback low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filter, or as an inverting and noninverting operational amplifier. The user can also configure the AMC to drive a single-ended, fully differential, or a single-ended signal to a differential ADC.

Optimized power and ground planes ensure low noise and high speed operation. Component placement and power supply bypassing are optimized for maximum circuit flexibility and performance. The AMC evaluation board accepts 0402 or 0603 surface mount technology (SMT) components, 1206 bypass capacitors, and 2.54 mm headers.

All components are placed on the primary side. No components are placed on the secondary side.


Design Tool

Precision ADC Driver Tool
Use the Precision ADC Driver Tool to simulate the performance of precision ADC and driver combinations.