Features and Benefits

  • On-board ADM8641 voltage detector with 2.63 V internal threshold and a ±1.3% accuracy on the ADM8641-EVALZ
  • On-board ADM8642 voltage detector with 1 V internal threshold and a ±1.6% accuracy on the ADM8642-EVALZ
  • Separate voltage supply pin (VCC) and input pin (INPUT) for low voltage monitoring using the ADM8642-EVALZ
  • Built in tact switch for input condition override
  • Built in LED for output monitoring

Product Details

The ADM8641-EVALZ/ADM8642-EVALZ evaluate the ADM8641/ADM8642 ultralow power voltage detectors that have pretrimmed voltage monitoring thresholds of 2.63 V and 1 V, respectively. These thresholds are accurate up to ±1.3% and ±1.6% for the ADM8641-EVALZ and ADM8642-EVALZ, respectively.

The ADM8641-EVALZ VCC pin can be used to monitor the level of an external voltage. The user can place an external jumper on the ADM8642-EVALZ VCC_SEL pin to achieve this monitoring on the ADM8642-EVALZ VCC pin. The user can also use a separate supply for the ADM8642-EVALZ INPUT pin to achieve low voltage monitoring.

The ADM8641-EVALZ/ADM8642-EVALZ have an OUT pin that can be held low regardless of the status of the monitored external voltage by pressing the built in tact switch, which shorts the ADM8641/ADM8642 DIS pin to ground. A built in light emitting diode (LED) is placed at the ADM8641-EVALZ/ADM8642-EVALZ OUT pin to monitor the pin status depending on the level of the monitored external voltage.

For full details on the ADM8641/ADM8642, see the ADM8641/ADM8642 data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the ADM8641-EVALZ/ADM8642-EVALZ.