Features and Benefits

  • Positive and negative voltage monitoring
  • LED indicated voltage output status
  • Test points for easy probing

Product Details

Customers of ADCMP391/ADCMP392/ADCMP393/ADCMP394/ADCMP395 comparators may evaluate the performance of these devices using ADCMP396, which has near identical electrical performance to this part and contains a superset of functions featured by this device family.

The EVAL-ADCMP396EBZ features accurate positive and negative voltage monitoring with 0.9% accuracy. The evaluation board uses LEDs to indicate an overvoltage or undervoltage event in both positive and negative voltage being monitored.

The ADCMP396 is a quad rail-to-rail input low power comparator suitable for general-purpose applications. The ADCMP396 consumes only 41.61 μA of supply current making it ideal for battery-powered systems.

The ADCMP396 has a common-mode input range of 200 mV beyond rails, a typical offset voltage of 1 mV across the full common-mode range, and an undervoltage lockout (UVLO) monitor. In addition, the design of the comparator allows a defined output state upon power-up, it generates a logic low output while the supply is still below the UVLO threshold.

The ADCMP396 incorporates a 1 V ± 0.9% buffered reference voltage over line, load, and temperature.