Product Details

The AD6676EBZ supports the AD6676 highly integrated IF subsystem that can digitize radio frequency (RF) bands up to 160 MHz in width centered on an intermediate frequency (IF) of 70 MHz to 450 MHz. Unlike traditional Nyquist IF sampling ADCs, the AD6676 relies on a tunable band-pass Σ-Δ ADC with a high oversampling ratio to eliminate the need for band specific IF SAW filters and gain stages, resulting in significant simplification of the wideband radio receiver architecture. On-chip quadrature digital downconversion followed by selectable decimation filters reduces the complex data rate to a manageable rate between 62.5 MSPS to 266.7 MSPS. The 16-bit complex output data is transferred to the host via a single or dual lane JESD204B interface supporting line rates up to 5.333 Gbps.

The AD6676EBZ is compatible with the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ, the ADI FPGA-Based Data Capture Kit.