Features and Benefits

  • Input voltage range: 4.5 V to 60 V
  • Output voltage VOUT1: 24 V or 21 V
  • Output voltage VOUT2: 5.15 V
  • Output voltage VOUT3: −15 V
  • Enable and disable controls
  • Slew rate controls
  • Access to SYNC pin for oscillator synchronization
  • Access to all seven data channels

Product Details

The ADP1031CP-EVALZ is a fully featured evaluation board that demonstrates the functionality of the ADP1031 dc-to-dc converters and the isolated data channels.

Users can evaluate ADP1031 device measurements, such as line regulation, load regulation, and efficiency with the evaluation board. The board also assists in evaluating the functionality of the isolated digital channels. Device features including oscillator synchronization, soft start, power good monitoring, sequencing, and slew rate control can be demonstrated on the evaluation board.

Each board model in the evaluation kit has a different output configuration. Only one board model is included in the kit butusers can order from five different board models to fit theirapplication needs.

Refer to the ADP1031 data sheet for more details about the dc-to-dc converters and isolated data channels.