Tested and Approved Oscillators for Maxim's TDMoP Devices


This application note lists the oscillators (OCXO, oven-controlled crystal oscillator, and TCXO, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) that have been tested and proven to work with Maxim's TDMoP (time division multiplexing over packets) devices to meet G.8261 compliance tests. Data show that the frequency accuracy of the TDMoP devices varied depending on whether an OCXO or TCXO was used.


This application note lists approved oscillators that have been tested with TDMoP devices to meet G.8261 compliance tests. The article focuses on Maxim's TDMoP product line: the DS34T101, DS34T102, DS34T104, and DS34T108; the DS34S101, DS34S102, DS34S104, and DS34S108; or the DS34S132.

For typical operation the output from the oscillator goes to the CLK_HIGH pin of the DS34T10x and DS34S10x devices, or to the REFCLK pin of the DS34S132 for the internal clock-recovery synthesizer. From this CLK_HIGH or REFCLK signal, an on-chip frequency converter block produces the reference clock required by the clock recovery engines in the TDMoP block. This reference clock for the clock recovery engine is 38.88MHz for DS34T10x and DS34S10x devices, and 155.52MHz for the DS34S132 device.

List of the Oscillators

Manufacturer Part Number Frequency (MHz) Type of Oscillator
Vectron C4600 38.88 OCXO
Valpay Fisher VFTCEC59L3T 38.88 OCXO
MACE-C59L3T 38.88 OCXO
Rakon E4496LF 38.88 TCXO
E4890LF 19.44 TCXO
E4889LF 10 TCXO
P4816LF 10 TCXO


The frequency stability characteristics of the CLK_HIGH or REFCLK signal affect the wander performance of the recovered TDM clock. For applications where the recovered TDM clock must comply with G.823/G.824 requirements for traffic interfaces, typically a TCXO can be used as the source for the CLK_HIGH or REFCLK signal. For applications where the recovered clock must comply with G.823/G.824 requirements for synchronization interfaces, the CLK_HIGH or REFCLK signal typically must come from an OCXO. Maxim's TDMoP devices achieved a short-term frequency accuracy at 1s of 16ppb or better when an OCXO was used as a reference, and 100ppb or better when a TCXO was used as a reference.

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