DS2152, DS2154 Interfacing to the IGT ALL1 SAR (WAC-021-C)


Application Note 321 provides an example circuit for interfacing the Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim DS2152 or DS2154 single chip tranceivers (SCTs) to the IGT ALL1 SAR (WAC-021-C).


Interconnections between the DS2152 or DS2154 and the IGT WAC-021-C are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Transceiver to WAC-021-C PCM interface.

Figure 1. Transceiver to WAC-021-C PCM interface.

In the circuit shown above the framer outputs a multi-frame synchronization pulse on TSYNC. The signal drivers both TL_FSYNC and TL_MSYNC of the WAC-021-C. TL_FSYNC does not need to be driven at every frame boundary. TSYNC may be programmed as an input if the user wishes to define multiframe boundaries or slave several devices to the same multi-frame/frame boundary.


  1. The RSYNC and TSYNC pins on the DS2152, DS2154 are programmed as multiframe outputs.
  2. Use default signaling mode on WAC-021-C.
  3. Elastic Stores on DS2152, DS2154 are disabled.
  4. The signal TCLK may be derived from RCLK of the DS2152, DS2154.