20-/28-Pin Low-Voltage ROM MCU with Infrared Timers

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5mW Typical Power Consumption, 1.3µA Stop Mode, and 2.0V to 3.6V Operation Increase Battery Life of Remote Controls

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Maxim's Crimzon® ZLR16300 MCU is a ROM-based member of the Crimzon ZLR16300 family of general-purpose microcontrollers. With 1KB to 16KB of program memory and 237 bytes of general-purpose RAM, the Z8® core offers fast-executing, efficient use of memory, sophisticated interrupts, input/output (I/O) bit manipulation capabilities, automated pulse generation/reception, and internal key-scan pullup transistors.

The ZLR16300 offers a flexible I/O scheme, an efficient register and address space structure, and a number of ancillary features that are useful in many consumer, automotive, computer peripheral, and battery-operated handheld applications.

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