5V/3.3V/3V/Adjustable-Output, 1A, Step-Down, PWM, Switch-Mode DC-DC Regulators

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Part Details
  • Input Range: Up to 30V
  • 1A On-Chip Power Switch
  • Adjustable Output (MAX830)
    • Fixed Outputs: 5V (MAX831)
    • 3.3V (MAX832)
    • 3V (MAX833)
  • 100kHz Switching Frequency
  • Excellent Dynamic Characteristics
  • Few External Components
  • 8mA Quiescent Current
  • 16-Pin SO Package
  • Evaluation Kit Available
Additional Details
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The MAX830/MAX831/MAX832/MAX833 are monolithic, bipolar, pulse-width-modulation (PWM), switch-mode, step-down DC-DC regulators. Each is rated at 1A. Very few external components are needed for standard operation because the power switch, oscillator, feedback, and control circuitry are all on-chip. Employing a classic buck topology, these regulators perform high-current step-down functions.

These regulators have excellent dynamic and transient response characteristics, while featuring cycle-by-cycle current limiting to protect against overcurrent faults and short-circuit output faults. They have a wide 8V to 30V input range. Outputs for the MAX831/MAX832/MAX833 are fixed at 5V/3.3V/3V, respectively. The MAX830 output is adjustable.

Available in 16-pin SO packages, the MAX830–MAX833 have a preset 100kHz oscillator frequency. In addition, the preset current limit and micropower shutdown can be externally controlled. See the MAX724/MAX726 data sheet for more applications information.


  • Distributed Power from High-Voltage Buses
  • High-Current, High-Voltage Step-Down Applications
  • Multiple-Output Buck Converter

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