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8-Digit, Triplexed LCD Decoder Driver

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Part Details
  • MAX7231 drives 8 digits/7 segments; parallel input format; 2 annunciators per digit
  • MAX7232 drives 10 digits/7 segments; serial input format; 2 annunciators per digit
  • MAX7233 drives 4 alphanumeric characters/18 segments; parallel input format
  • MAX7234 drives 5 alphanumeric characters/18 segments; serial input format
  • On-chip oscillator
  • Direct interface to microprocessors
  • Monolithic, Low Power CMOS Design
Additional Details
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The MAX7231/32/33/34 family of integrated circuits is a complete line of triplexed liquid crystal display (LCD) drivers. These devices interface microprocessors (or digital systems) to multiplexed numeric and alphanumeric displays. The MAX7231 drives 8 digits and accepts data in a parallel format. The MAX7232 drives 10 digits and accepts data in a serial format. Both devices feature two independent annunciators per digit. The MAX7233 drives 4 alphanumeric 18 segment characters. The MAX7234 drives 5 alphanumeric 18 segment characters.

Each device includes an input buffer, digit address decoding circuitry and mask-programmed ROM allowing six bits of input data to be decoded into 64 independent combinations of the output segments of each digit. This offloads the microprocessor system, reducing the ROM space and CPU time needed to service a display.


These low-power LCD drivers are ideal for microprocessor-based portable applications where power consumption is a primary concern. Many applications also take advantage of the annunciator drive capability, which allows unlimited variations of display layout.

  • Portable instrumentation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical equipment
  • Panel Meters
  • Machine control

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