Dual-Slot, PCMCIA Analog Power Controller

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Internal VP-P Switches, Drives External VCC Switches

Part Details
  • Logic Compatible with Industry-Standard PCMCIA Digital Controllers:
    • Intel 82365SL
    • Intel 82365SL DF
    • Vadem VG-365
    • Vadem VG-465
    • Vadem VG-468
    • Cirrus Logic CL-PD6710
    • Cirrus Logic CL-PD6720
  • 0V/VCC/+12V/High-Impedance VP-P Outputs
  • Internal 1.6Ω VP-P Power Switches
  • 10µA Quiescent Supply Current
  • Break-Before-Make Switching
  • VCC Switch Control
Additional Details
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The MAX613/MAX614 contain switches for the VP-P supply-voltage lines for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Release 2.0 card slots. These ICs also contain level-translator outputs to switch the PCMCIA card VCC.

The MAX613 allows digital control of two separate VP-P lines that can be switched between 0V, VCC, +12V, and high impedance. It also includes level shifters that allow the control of N-channel power MOSFETs for connecting and disconnecting the slot VCC supply voltage.

The MAX614 controls a single VP-P supply-voltage line and includes one level shifter in an 8-pin package.


  • Bar-Code Scanners
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Handy Terminals
  • Notebook and Palmtop Computers
  • Personal Organizers

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