Precision, Low-Power, Low-Dropout, SOT23-3 Voltage References

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Part Details
  • 0.2% (max) Initial Accuracy
  • 15ppm/°C (max) Temperature Coefficient
  • 35µA (max) Quiescent Supply Current
  • 0.8µA/V Supply Current Variation with VIN
  • ±500µA Output Source and Sink Current
  • 100mV Dropout at 500µA Load Current
  • 0.12µV/µA Load Regulation
  • 8µV/V Line Regulation
  • Stable with CLOAD = 0 to 2.2nF
Additional Details
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The MAX6012, MAX6021, MAX6025, MAX6030, MAX6041, MAX6045, MAX6050 precision, low-dropout, micropower voltage references are available in miniature SOT23-3 surface-mount packages. They feature a proprietary curvature-correction circuit and laser-trimmed thin-film resistors that result in a low temperature coefficient of <15ppm/°C and initial accuracy of better than 0.2%. These devices are specified over the extended temperature range.

These series-mode voltage references draw only 27µA of quiescent supply current and can sink or source up to 500µA of load current. Unlike conventional shunt-mode (two-terminal) references that waste supply current and require an external resistor, devices in the MAX6012 family offer a supply current that's virtually independent of supply voltage (with only a 0.8µA/V variation with supply voltage) and do not require an external resistor. Additionally, these internally compensated devices do not require an external compensation capacitor and are stable with up to 2.2nF of load capacitance. Eliminating the external compensation capacitor saves valuable board area in space-critical applications. Their low dropout voltage and supply-independent, ultra-low supply current make these devices ideal for battery-operated, low-voltage systems.


  • Battery-Operated Equipment
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Hand-Held Equipment
  • Hard-Disk Drives
  • Industrial and Process-Control Systems

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